Yeah, Um, Like, Whatever

Anyone with a tween or a teen has heard this ridiculoous string of non-communicative words that describe, well, nothing.

I usually look for something interesting in the news on which I can base my blog and then tie it into how SatCom saves the world, but today I am not feeling it.  By now we all know that SatCom will save the world, but who will save us?  The above phrase is a pretty deflating indicator of the generation to come, or as my lovely wife puts it, ‘the people who will be caring for us when we are older’.  I have nothing specific against today’s youth; after all I was once one of them and I acted far more terribly than they do.  That is probably because I could!

We didn’t have smart phones and cameras, and 24 news cycles and instant gratification via technology.  A good friend of mine pointed out that one time when four of friends us got out of a vehicle in NY, each with separate missions. We managed to get our tasks done and back to the car in 10 minutes, no tweeting, no texting, no OMGs.  My personal theory is that all this electronic ‘stuff’ has diminished our ability to have meaningful communication and solve problems without the ever-present assistance of Google.  As we lose our ability to think critically for ourselves, we lose the ability and the reason to speak as adults.

‘Like wow Lou, you are totally bumming out man.’  Yup, I am the curmudgeon of language today – not to say I don’t throw a ‘like’ in there everyone now and then.  But if future generations cannot speak to each other in actual English, are we doomed?

Of course not.  After all Satellite Phones will save the world!

Thanks for reading.