Corporate Clients

When things go bad, your business needs satellite communications so you can remain at your best.

Disrupting phone and data connections within your business costs money.  It doesn’t always have to be a headline-grabbing national or regional disaster:

  • A major storm causes power outages
  • A global event sparks public conversation
  • A random power outage takes cellular towers offline
  • A work crew accidentally cuts a major data line
  • A squirrel blows a transformer and sets off a huge power grid failure

Even small problems can be very disruptive to your business, and small problems can escalate into major problems. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your business prepared to continue operations without phone and data service? 
  • How much does it cost you per hour to sit idle, waiting, hoping for resolution to the problem
  • Does your business have a plan for contacting first responders in the event of a catastrophe?

Satellite communications devices and services are essential communication tools for any business continuity or emergency plan. And at East Coast we create solutions that maximize budgets while leveraging the right hardware and service plans that fulfill your business requirements.

Need to make a phone call from inside your building but your land lines are down?
No problem. Using fixed site satellite phone and routing technology, making phone calls using your terrestrial phone system without delay is possible.

Does your business need to communicate images and videos from hard-to-reach destinations with no cellular coverage?
That’s easy. BGAN and VSAT devices can transmit data at increased speeds and bandwidth. No need to send employees on site. Why not save on travel costs and impress the team with digital images from far away?

Have assets you need to track—trucks, cargo, machinery?
With our tracking solutions you can always know where they are and their status. From simple GPS coordinates to speed alarms, biometrics and geo-fencing, we can help you pinpoint what you need to know.

Individual Users

You’re not one to stay in the box; you travel, you explore, you look for the really remote ‘cool’ adventures.  Or you hike, have a boat, go fishing in the middle of nowhere or just want an easy-to-use communications back-up solution.  Satellite phones are used by thousands of adventure seekers, boaters, hikers, snow-mobilers, and others to ensure they have a communications link to the civilized world in case they need it.  Our solutions are for you too!

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East Coast Satellite Communications specializes in serving corporate clients, and East Coast SatCom is women-owned so we help you fulfill your businesses set-aside requirements.  

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