Who is East Coast:

What is East Coast’s Mission:

“To provide our clients with the proper communications devices and services that help them reach the results they want.”

East Coast Satellite Communications lives this mission daily by offering satellite communications from multiple networks – Iridium, INMARSAT and Thuraya. Our client list is veritable Who’s Who of the Fortune 500. At East Coast, we provide more than great satellite communications solutions: Our clients have trust; trust that they are making the right decision, based on our objective viewpoint rather than some low-cost provider who just wants to sell the cookie-cutter ‘solution du jour’ and move boxes of their shelves.

Clients choose to work with East Coast Satellite Communications because we focus on their goals and mission; the bottom line is that we focus on their results.  We focus on YOUR results!

East Coast’s objective information empowers our clients to make intelligent decisions. Testament to our success lies in the fact that over 40% of new East Coast Satellite Communications business is from unsolicited referrals.

If you’re tired of the nonsense out there, call us today – 603.346-4184 or E-MAIL us.