Who Gets Your Money?

I’m in the market for a new/used truck. I love my current truck – a 2013 Chevy Silverado that I bought used with 300 miles on it – got a great deal, $10,000 off price. I just want to get rid of my payment and drive something that will give me 40,000-50,000 miles. Nothing complicated; 4WD, A/C, cruise, power doors and windows. Just doing some simplification.  

I’ve been looking online and finding exactly what I want within 50 miles is challenging. There are two trucks at a local dealership where I bought a truck a couple of years ago. The sales guys had all kinds of great things to say about the truck back then. Shortly (shortly meaning within a few weeks) after I bought it, there was a problem. Then I got the, ‘Hey you bought a used truck.” scenario. Funny how it wasn’t such a great truck any more. Now I understand that used is used and things happen. But I didn’t bust the drive train inside of two weeks. So $1,600 worth of work later at their shop the problem was not fixed. So another $800 and different shop (‘They fixed the what?’ he asked in disbelief) and I had a great truck and it has run great for four years now.

So back to the two trucks they have for sale.   Either one will fit the bill for what I want. But do I really want to spend more money with them? I was discussing this concept with my son the other day: Problems happen. It’s just a fact of life that things go wrong. Where you learn about people’s character is in how the respond to the problem. In the truck case, the problem was addressed by charging me full price to ‘fix’ something that didn’t actually fix the problem. No apology, no compensation, no accommodation, just ‘You bought a used truck.’

I even brought the issue to the attention of the owner of the dealership. Twice. No response. A business owner receives a complaint and does nothing? Amazing.

So they have these two trucks and I’m not buying either of them. These guys don’t deserve my money.

The woman who sold my wife her car does. So I called her and told what I’m looking for and she is going to find me the truck I want. You see, she wants to sell me 10 trucks, not just the one that these other clowns sold me. They treated me as a one-truck sale and that’s what they got; one sale. And an over-priced repair job. Good for them! They won. But did they? I have a need, they have a vehicle and they can stuff it as far as I’m concerned. There are plenty of places to buy a truck and I can be patient waiting for the right one. They got my money. Once and only once. Never again.

So who gets your money?

  • The one-sale amateurs, the box-moxers, product-pushers, lowest-priced bottom feeders who offer no value whatsoever?
  • Or the professionals that really want to take care of you, tend to you, work with you and for you? These are the ones who prove they want you back.

I know which of these two get my money. Who gets yours?

Thanks for reading!