What Will We See in 2012?

Happy New Year and Welcome 2012!

Lou Altman, East Coast Satellite Communications CEO guest writing again.   2011 was spectacular for me both personally and for GlobaFone.  We reached some great new milestones, having won some long-pursued business, adding some great companies and government agencies to our client list.  And we have ambitious plans for this coming year – sorry, no tipping the hand, you’ll just have keep an eye out for our name in the news.  That said, I will share that I have been invited to several speaking engagements, the next one is at the International Disater Conference and Expo in New Orleans January 16-19.  Keep an eye out for other engagements.

Today I posted this question in a couple of LinkedIn groups: ‘What’s On for 2012?’  We can all read the tea leaves and the financial reports but they do not really get to the ‘gut feel’ of this business.  So what is YOUR opinion?  For example:

  • Will Iridium confirm NEXT has been all wrapped up , or will we see the satellites having problems ala Globalstar?
  • Will Globalstar return to full service, or will we see more bad news and Globalstar’s possible demise?
  • What will Inmarsat’s desire to go direct have on the distribution channel and will the tepid response to iSAT serve as a marker that handhelds belong to other providers?
  • Are we in for new developments on the data side aka new applications for BGAN?
  • Where will Iridium Force figure into the development picture?
  • Is Thuraya going to make some significant moves? 

Anyone who has spent more than a few days immersed in the satellite phone business would certainly agree that this is an exciting industry – change is guaranteed, as is movement, progress and innovation.  It keeps us all sharp and creative.

So I invite you to e-mail me – l.altman at globafone.com and let me know what YOU think we have in store  I am happy to engage in discussion and compare notes.

So, again, here’s to 2012, all it has to offer us and all we can create!  Cheers!