What is Worth Fighting For?

By now you may be enjoying the last of the post-Thanksgiving turkey soup and pumpkin pie and your thoughts have turned to that oh-so-special Christmas gift for those you love.

I have mixed feelings about stores opening on Thanksgiving. On one hand – can’t we enjoy the holiday set aside to be grateful for what we have without what we (think we) need impinging on that time? On the other hand – why not? If employees want to earn that time and a half or double time and are agreeable to working, so be it. I personally enjoyed a day off with my family and best friend of 30+ years, and his family and closed the GlobaFone office on Friday.  We live our mission all year and so that extra day of not being here to me is so much more valuable than whatever sales may come in.

But having see a couple store surveillance videos, that is clearly not the way other see things.  Fistfights over televisions?  Gun play over Black Friday sales (who on earth brings a gun to go shopping?), stampedes and stuff that looked like football?  Really people?  Over material goods?  To save a few hundred dollars?  Holy simolians, what is the big deal?  It is an electronics item – them make more of them…

Is this what we truly value in society?  Literally killing each other for a video game?  I’m reminded to the looters after Katrina, walking waist-deep in water, carrying flat screen tvs, video consoles and other items that can’t be used while waist deep in water.

I guess it all comes down to what you value: material items on sale, or personal time with loved ones with whom you have a close relationship.  And here is a hint – your TV doesn’t love you back.  So if you love football more than your family for example, maybe it is time to re-assess.

This discussion ties to satellite phones in what you value.  Sure, SatCom costs money and it is used (hopefully) never or almost never.  But when you need a satellite phone, it is there.  It allows you to take care of others, the things that are important.  In business and government SatCom use, that frequently translates to assets and people, real people.  And frequently those assets are used to protect and rescue people.

So go full-contact shopping, get in the scrum if you want.  I’m personally not all that hot on the latest gadget that I’m willing to put up with that nonsense.    I’m more interested in what really matters and they don’t have On/Off switches……

Have a festive holiday season.