What Does Credibility Mean to You?

Sometimes my inspiration for blogs comes from an event and sometimes it comes from random thoughts.  For some reason this weekend I was thinking about credibility.  I’m not sure why. It may have been seeing the bikers greeting each other at the swap meet I rode out to see.  It might have been me thinking about the automatic acceptance of me by my wife’s colleagues/friends and vice-versa.  Or in the movie ‘Goodfellas’, Henry Hill defining, ‘he’s a good fella’, referring to acceptance of a newcomer.  When you throw on a motorcycle helmet and ride 100 miles you have time to think about all kinds of things.

Dictonary.com defines credibility as: ‘the quality of being believable or worthy of trust’.

But what does credibility really mean? Is it that automatic acceptance I mention above?  How do you earn credibility?

If you have read my past blogs, you may recall my differentiation between a customer and a client.  A customer is someone who buys from you; it is based on transaction(s).  A client is someone who is under the care of another; it is based a relationship.  A customer may or may not buy from you again; a client most likely will.  There is a big difference.

But let’s turn this around and look at credibility from the client perspective.  How does a provider earn credibility?  What criteria equal credibility to you when buying from a provider?  I’ve got stories of how East Coast Satellite Communications earned our credibility; from delivering a specific car charger overnight, to delivering a box of satellite phones in 9 hours during a national crisis, to delivering 250 phones in 48 hours after hurricane Ike, to simply providing objective advice and counsel instead of pushing products.  This has earned us credibility and client relationships that last 8, 10, 12 years.  Our longest is 15 years and includes each retiring or departing point of contact introducing us to the new point of contact with a statement like, ‘this is our satellite provider.’  That is certainly internal credibility.  Does it speak to you as East Coast Satellite Communications being credible?

My point in all this is not to brag about how great we are (and on our 16h anniversary we are!).  I want you to think about this:

Is your satellite provider worthy of such instant credibility? 

Would you flat out refer your friends and colleagues to them because they do such a good job and take such great care of you?  Or are you just another transaction to them? Would you refer that kind of provider to people you trust?  What would that do to your credibility with them?

I think that after 16 years of providing global cell phone rentals and the portfolio of SatCom solutions that we do, I have earned a soapbox on which to stand and proclaim that credibility should be really important when choosing your satellite provider.  Sure some of them sell for less and you’ll be treated like a customer.  And maybe for some, that is good enough.  Not me.

It has been said that, ‘cheap is for a reason’.  Spend a little more and work with a credible provider.

Thanks for reading.