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Past Webinars

MOST RECENT: ‘GeoStorm’s Latest on the 2016-2017 Winter Forecast’

GeoStorm puts on a number of webinars each year and he winter forecast is one of the best.  If you want a glimpse of what to expect this winter in the United States, take the 30 minutes and watch this webinar.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

A LITTLE LESS RECENT: ‘Six Secrets to Choosing Your SatCom Provider’

In this 15 minute,  ‘Quick hit’ webinar Lou Altman spells out the most important things to consider when choosing your SatCom provider.  Buying on price alone is short-sighted and Lou helps you understand why.  Click HERE to watch the replay

SatCom Solutions 101

East Coast Satellite Communications CEO Lou Altman outlines the basics: Why do we need SatCom, constellations, networks, various voice and data products and services.  All presented in an objective, non-sales format.  Click HERE to watch webinar

‘What’s New in SatCom’

East Coast Satellite Communications CEO Lou Altman presented the newest and neatest, latest and greatest in satellite communications solutions.  From personal tracking devices to Wi-Fi hotspots, to portable broadband terminals, there are a variety of ways to maintain communications with voice or data. CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast

Past webinar: ‘Introduction to Thuraya’

Thuraya has been the pioneer of the satellite Smartphone and has become known for excellence in innovation. They offer excellent products and services, but given the network’s coverage area, many US-based government organizations do not consider Thuraya as an option. However Thuraya is a great solution if you need satellite service within their coverage area. You can watch the recorded webinar by clicking here; Introduction to Thuraya Webinar

How To Choose The Right Satellite Phone

GlobaFone’s CEO Lou Altman provides education on the networks, phones and capabilities to help you select the right satellite phone for your agency. You have two options: Recorded May 29th 2014 Listen To The Webinar Now

 Listen to the podcast HERE.