There is ALWAYS Internet

We have a full-fledged uprising complete with riot police, armed citizens, unarmed citizens, water cannons and rubber bullets.  The government’s response includes a media blackout – or attempted blackout.In the modern era of global communications – satellite phones in particular, shutting off the internet and cell service cannot stop information, pictures and video from showing the world what is happening in Egypt.

Anyone with BGAN or Thuraya IP terminal can broadcast and anyone with any of the handheld phones – Iridium 9555, iSAT PhonePro or any of the Thuraya phones can send text and voice messages.  In fact many of the reports you may have heard have been filed via a satellite phone.This is how far we have technologically – to the point where anyone with a laptop and a video camera needs only to spend a couple thousand dollars and the world can see your story.It seems to me the Egyptian government needs to realize they are preventing the news, but increasingly they ARE the news.