The Top 10 Reasons To Own Iridium Satellite Phones

10)  Global coverage:   There simply is no other satellite phone that offers coverage over every square foot of our big blue planet. Iridium works everywhere!

9) Network reliability:  At any time there always one, usually two, and frequently three satellites overhead. That means that no matter where you are, odds are you will pick up the network and make your calls.

8) Many options:  Iridium has a couple of handheld phones from which to choose as well as Vale-Added partners that build fixed phones, docking stations, specialty products – all kinds of solutions for whatever you need. There is even a WI-Fi device that lets you use your smartphone.

7) A full kit: When you buy an Iridium phone, it comes with a wall charger with international plugs, a car charger, phone case, magnetic mount antenna, antenna adapter, hands free and a User Guide. It is the most complete handheld phone kit available

6) Tough guy, eh?  The Iridium 9575 phone is the first mil-spec phone built to take the harshest abuse. It is designed to withstand shock, water and dust. My teenagers cannot break it.

5) Built-in GPS: Iridium is the only provider that offers GPS tracking capability and an SOS panic button in the 9575 phone. Think about the lives put at risk looking for lost hikers (for example), who could easily be found at the press of a button.

4) Value-Added Service Providers:  In most cases when you buy an Iridium phone, you’ll receive it in a box and you have to set it up; kind of a pain, but not too bad if you are setting up just one phone. The nightmare comes when you are setting up 20, 50, 80 phones. Some providers will set up your phones so you can use them right out of the shipping box.

3) Resources to learn how to use the phone: There are at least a dozen videos that demonstrate how to use your Iridium phone to make and receive calls and voicemail. In addition, some providers send an instructions card, telling you how to make calls.

2) Pooling airtime:  Iridium is the only network under which your Service Provider can create a custom pooled airtime plan. Many do not, but it is important for you to know it is possible and if your provider doesn’t pool airtime that is a choice they make that costs you more money.

1) Piece of mind: You have an Iridium satellite phone. You have the most reliable satellite phone with the broadest coverage in the world.

This list is a suggestion from East Coast Satellite Communications and is not inclusive. This list reflects the opinion of the author and nothing in this list should be considered a recommendation or guarantee of service or satellite phones serving any particular purpose for any particular use.  Please consult your service provider to help you decide on the best solution for your situation, or call East Coast Satellite Communications and we’ll work with you.  Thanks!