It is our obligation to do whatever is needed in order to keep our clients so happy that they never, ever consider any other provider.  That said, we do hold clients accountable and expect they play as straight and full-on as we do.  If we enjoy providing a ridiculously high level of support and have fun while solving problems, it comes through to prospects and clients. 

People buy from people they know, like and trust and we work hard to be all three. We are genuine, real, honest people, all with the mission of working at East Coast Satellite Communications within the above three principles. We are not the right provider for everyone.  We do not just move boxes at the lowest possible price; there is nothing special about that.  It works for some people, but not East Coast Satellite Communications clients. 

East Coast Satellite Communications has three simple operating principles:

  • Thrilled loyal clients
  • Have fun
  • Make money

Operating by the first two principles means we will be profitable, which in turn means we can continue to provide exceptional client support.  It is ALL circular.  But don’t take it from us.  Our clients have a lot to say about us.

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