Dedicated Product Support


If you search the web for satellite phones, you will find providers selling the same exact phones for less money than East Coast SatCom. We do not deny this. We embrace it and here’s why:

You cannot escape the adage, “You Get What You Pay For”. Lowest price is lowest or no value.


A satellite phone is merely a vehicle to your result and sometimes things go wrong. When they do, you need to call your provider. Will the lowest-priced provider answer or return your calls? We have decades of combined experience that says definitively, ‘NO’. Know why? They cannot afford to. They are spending every possible minute selling low-margin hardware in order to keep the lights on.

At East Coast Satellite Communications we look at your requirements, your expected results and your needs. We provide hardware and services at a competitive rate; not ridiculously low-priced and not overly-expensive. We price fairly and then offer outstanding support. We have clients; people who value and take our advice. Other providers have customers; people who buy things – transactional-based engagements. But forget what I say, here are examples:

  • A prospect called us after a massive storm needing to rent 60 satellite phones.  We arranged for a counter-to-counter delivery, drove the phones nearly 60 miles to the airport and delivered them within 6 hours.
  • Ours before a storm was ready to make landfall, a prospect decided they needed satellite phones.  We activated and set up satellite phones and drove them to thier office, literally as the storm touched down. 
  • Clients and prospects often come to conferences and trade shows to meet us and we have client relationships that exceed 10-15years.
  • We ship phones as prepared kits: phone charged, labeled, SIM installed, all accessories packed into a padded nylon bag with instructions, a pen, flashlight and 24 hours support number.  How long and how much extra will it cost to set up your phones?  What if you have 20, 30, or 50 phones?

So before you go with what looks like the lowest price, consider how much that decision will cost you in wasted time, lost time and aggravation.

Choose the company that treats you as a long-term, valued client, not just another short-term ‘churn and burn’ customer.