The East Coast Satellite Communications Difference


All phones come from the same exact manufacturing facility. (by brand).  All Iridium phones – same facility.  All Inmarsat phones – same facility.  All Thuraya phones – same facility, and each network is the only manufacturer (a little different for Iridium VAMs). So any difference in the phone you receive is done by your provider to differentiate themselves.  There are the lowest priced providers offering the no value, and there are client care oriented providers that will help and guide you along the decision-making process (like East Coast!)  Unfortunately many of today’s value propositions are all about price and not value. Since you get what you pay for, you have a fundamental choice to make.


At East Coast Satellite Communications we ask questions about what YOU want to have happen.  What do you need your satellite phone to do for you?  What do you need in a satellite phone or communications system?  Here’s why we ask: you are not buying a satellite phone. You are buying a solution to a problem, a result. SatCom can be the life-saving tool, the reliable 4,000 mile connection that keeps you dialed into your office or team in the field.  So it doesn’t matter which network you choose or at brand you buy or who provides it.  You really just need the phone to work properly when you need it to work.  Here’s what we do differently:

  • We only ship phones in kits: Open the shipping box and use your phone immediately.
  • We create inclusive airtime plans for Iridium service.
  • Fleet clients save approximately 20% in airtime charges through our pooled airtime plans
  • 24/7 client support from people who know what they are doing and care about your results.
  • Innovative, creative problem-solving to ensure your SatCom program works for you.

East Coast Satellite Communications has been providing exceptional service to our corporate clients for years.  The fact that they stay with us is proof that our way of taking care of our clients is right for them. Want to buy from a ‘lowest-cost’ provider that will offer you zero service and support? Okay, take your chances, good luck.  Call us when you have problem and we’ll see how we can help you. 

Ready to experience the East Coast Satellite Communications difference?

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