The $2,000 Phone Call

We had a client in today, he’s a commercial fisherman – a hardworking life for sure.  Fish stocks are down, restrictions are in place, limited catches – not too appealing, and it can be hazardous work.   This is a recipe for fiscal conservancy out of necessity, not just choice.

Spending $1,200 plus service for a satellite phone is a very serious consideration for him.  But what are his options?  How far will his cell phone really work out to sea?  He had to ask some substantive questions and carefully consider the financial implications before spending the kind of money it takes to buy a satellite phone.  He made the choice and became a subscriber.

 While he was in our office he relayed the story of a recent trip; fueled up ($4.00+/gallon for marine diesel), bait, meals, crew  – all ready for a few days fishing.  He was on his way out – about 120 miles each way – and passed the limit of his cell phone.  His satellite phone was on….  It rang and one of his buddies told him not to waste his time making the trip – no fish.   He turned around and fished in close, caught two big keepers and cashed in.  He said it would have taken 500 gallons of fuel to get out (just out!), not to mention bait, crew time, food, time away, and the ever-present risk.  October weather can pose a significant threat in New England.   Do the math – that is a lot of money to bust. 

He got the call on his satellite phone and it saved him a ton of money, time, resources and most importantly, risk.  The next time you are considering the value of a satellite phone, be sure to look past the actual cost; take a closer look at the value the phone can provide for you.  It is easy to count the dollars spent.  It may not be so easy to count what is saved.

Thanks for reading!