TEXAS DIR Satellite Phone/Data/Accessories Catalog

Texas Department of Information Resources

 Contract: DIR-TSO-3447

Services Offered:

  • Mobile Satellite Phone Products and Services

How to Order

For product and pricing information, visit the GlobaFone, Inc. website or contact Lou Altman at (603) 433-7232.

  • When Customer is ready to place an order, Customer will generate a purchase order made payable to GlobaFone, Inc. You must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-TSO-3447 on your purchase order.
  • Email or Fax your purchase order and quote form to your designated vendor sales representative.

GlobaFone, Inc. Contact:
Lou Altman
Phone: (603) 433-7232
Fax: (603) 436-8152

DIR Contact:
Contact: Maureen Vale
Phone: (512) 463-2425

Contract Documents:




Iridium is the only satellite phone that truly works anywhere on earth and is relied on for all kinds of organizations for highly reliable communications anywhere work requires. Military, humanitarian, government and enterprise clients as well as globe-trotting individuals all use Iridium satellite phones to keep connected.

East Coast Satellite Communications is a complete Iridium Service Provider, offering:

  • Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone – Mil-Spec phone, Tracking, Location, and SOS button. Available in GSA-approved version.
  • The Iridium 9555 satellite phone – Smaller, lighter, easy to use. Available in GSA-approved version.
  • Fixed-site phones, both indoor and outdoor units
  • Iridium GO! WiFi HotSpot so you can use your compatible device as the satellite phone
  • All the accessories you’ll need; batteries, antennas, car kits, carrying cases, data kits, cabling
  • Local, Texas-based phone numbers that connect to your Iridium satellite phone, eliminating the high cost of direct dialing or the annoyance of two-stage dialing
  • Installation – through our partners, we can install fixed-site phones anywhere in the US

As a Service Provider, East Coast Satellite Communications has a variety of rate plans; from basic service with pay by the minute, to inclusive-minute plans that can be pooled with your fleet of phones either monthly or annually. We can even create a plan and provide you with blocks of airtime.  We also have prepaid SIM cards with various blocks of minutes based on your needs.

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The Inmarsat satellite constellation has been providing reliable communications since 1979. With many Inmarsat services to choose from, East Coast Satellite Communications has the right solution for your global communications needs. At GlobaFone, we offer the following:

Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro 2

This is the Inmarsat handheld phone, providing reliable voice communications over the Inmarsat coverage area. Here are some great reasons to buy the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro:

  • Lower hardware costs
  • Near-global coverage
  • A robustly-built handset
  • Voice quality that is clear
  • Reliable connections on the Inmarsat network
  • Longer battery life
  • Competitive rate plans


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