In December we sent notification that would be raising their monthly service rates starting in 2009.  At the time we sent the notices, the amount was unknown.
The compulsory rate increase is now effective and will be reflected on your upcoming bill.  We are passing along the rate increase in a proportion equal to or smaller than the increase to us.

While we were adjusting the rates, we took the opportunity to simplify all of our pricing.

A quick inventory of our prior rate plans revealed numerous rates not offered in years.

is now offering four tiers for Iridium service:

· Retail: $48.00/month

·  Enterprise: $42.00/month (corporate clients)

· Government: $40/month

·  Federal Government: $38./month

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The net effect of the price increase and simplification is that many rates will be going up however, some subscribers will actually see their rates decrease.  These rates reflect the basic service plan.  In fact we’ve reduced all of the rates on our inclusive-minute Government plans.

If you have questions about your new monthly rates under  this restructuring please us or call on 800.826.6152.