Simple Physics

Maybe this title is an oxymoron but it does describe the theme of this post and I didn’t need to study physics to understand the basic principle:

An object at rest stays at rest, an object in motion stays in motion.
Once something has momentum, it will only stop when met with a force greater than its own force.   Yet I digress….

Iridium continues its movement by finalizing its NEXT financing and announcing that despite lower hardware sales, the 2011 forecast remains positive on the subscriber side.  Given the pending Globalstar re-deployment in 2011, the phone launch, Terrestar and the coming Skyterra launch, this is an exceptional forecast.  The motion continues….has deployed the first of six new satellite and successfully made test calls.  This remains one of the most amazing stories in the segment.  From the near disaster of announcing that the constellation was dying to an award-winning device that created a segment to a successful test call, Globalstar has show incredible resilience by staying in motion and forging ahead, despite the forces pushing back.

The Skyterra antenna has been deployed and they are back on track.  They did have the minor glitch of the antenna not unfolding, however their motion was enough to overcome that obstacle.