Satellite Phones and the 2011 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season and satellite phones are a necessity for coastal regions this time of the year. The tropics have been eerily quiet so far, but just today The Weather Channel announced some activity in the Northwestern Caribbean in the form of a tropical wave with a second one close behind. While the two systems are not expected to develop into hurricanes, they are good reminders to be prepared with back up communication before it is too late.

At GlobaFone, we are ready to respond to clients in need of satellite phones in hurricane prone areas , and can also lend planning advice to get ready for the season as well. In addition, we advise readers to take a look at the American Red Cross hurricance preparedness checklist for important safety tips and supply lists. An additional resource for storm readiness is via Ready America. And most importantly, for optimal communication, anyone living along coastal locations which could be impacted by hurricanes should of course have a satellite phone.