Satellite Phone Leasing

Need to Lease a Fleet of Satellite Phones?

We understand that satellite phones are expensive and that cost-conscious budget hawks may not fund the fleet of satellite phones you need. And since you only need them for a specific time of year, why overspend anyway? And what if your company doesn’t fund Cap-Ex charges but will fund Op-Ex?  East Coast Satellite Communications has a simple solution: Lease your phones.

East Coast Satellite Communications can develop a lease plan for the two most popular Iridium phones; the Iridium 9575 and the Iridium 9555. We create affordable plans that are easy to integrate into your communications plan.  Leasing means you can work with us to create the program that you really need, not just accept some cookie-cutter, ‘one solution for everyone’ program. 

If you need a fleet of phones, call us at 1-800-826-6152 and we’ll work out a program custom-tailored for you.