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Welcome!  If you are here it means you are looking for satellite communications knowledge and information presented in an unbiased format. 

SatCom is more complex than cellular (yes, it is rocket science!) and there is quite of bit of misinformation.  Our goal with Ask Our Experts is to offer a forum for people to get clear, objective answers to their SatCom questions and it adds the opportunity for others to learn from others’ questions. 

As a trainer a speaker, I’ve learned that the most effective learning comes from a ‘student’ asking a question that another student had as well. The thinking behind Ask Our Satellite Experts is that if you have a question, someone else likely will as well.

So when you ask a question, you will receive an answer, and equally important you are creating a forum for others to learn.  This helps build a knowledgeable community.  

We’ll post the new videos as questions are answered and we’ll also add them to our YouTube Channel.

Thanks for joining us – to your knowledge!

This video answers the question about using satellite phones in a city.


This video that discusses the Iridium rebate: