Safety & Savings with Local Satellite Phone Numbers

Did you know calling a typical satellite phone number is considered an international call? Even though incoming calls to your satellite phone are free through your provider, the calling party will be paying international calling rates (rates differ between phone companies and plans but average price is $7+ per minute).  Most importantly, many companies and government agencies do not allow outgoing international calls to be made. Imagine this… there is a storm, all the cell services are down and you need to contact the police… you call them with your satellite phone… what happens when the police can not call you back with the information you need because their phone system doesn’t allow an international call to be placed? If you have a local number for your satellite phone this would not happen. Lets face it, emergency situations are stressful enough, you shouldn’t have to worry if someone can contact you. This is only one example of why adding a local number to your satellite phone may be essential.
Advantages of having a local number are:
• Callers won’t have trouble calling because their
phone provider “blocks” international calls.
• Callers are not charged for international rates – only
the standard local charges.
• Your satellite phone number is a typical looking
number. Not an intimidating 12 digit number.
• You can still use your original satellite phone
East Coast Satellite Communications can help you choose a local number in your area and offer you an affordable monthly plan that makes your satellite phone user friendly and worry-free. Call us today at 1-800-826-6152 to add a local number to your existing account or open a new one.