Really? THAT’S driving the market?

We live in a pixelated world, really we do. Think about the last time you went 20 minutes without some sort of glowing screen in your face; computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, TV, even the coffee machine in our office has a touch screen!

There was a recent article in the Boston Globe that discussed the negative correlation between ‘screen’ time and family time. We seem to want to text, post, tweet, update and surf more and more and from anywhere and everywhere we travel. And I’m not just talking about ‘tweens and teens who need to – OMG – update my Facebook status to my BFF and that joke made me ROFLMAO. Businesses are demanding increased abilities when sending and receiving data and the user’s location is irrelevant – we want our data now!

THIS is what is helping to drive the Satcom market. We’re seeing functionality being built for increased bandwidth and applications. I had been contacted by a mobile company a few years back and they wanted me to sell their games to the
Satcom networks. Games? To satellite networks? Now, back then I was pretty sure that nobody using a satellite phone would want to play games on their phone.  Today, into the future……well, now I’m not so sure.

Between Inmarsat’s Global Xpress, Iridium’s NEXT and Globalstar’s second generation of  satellites, bandwidth is the driver and mobile apps seem to be making inroads to the Satcom community. I personally have never understood the need to stay connected 24/7/365 no matter what, where, why or how (which may seem ironic, given the business I lead), however, I know there are those who absolutely have to upload that picture they just took 200 miles offshore. Whatever you want, the industry will make it work for you. And that is the nature of business; identify a need, fulfill it and charge money for it.

Satcom is a great business; life-saving solutions, business communications from anywhere, picture updates on your terms and connectivity for all.  This is what the market wants so this is what the market gets, and will get mor of into the future as bandwidth increases.

Just don’t expect MY status updates when I’m in the middle of nowhere.