Peter Drucker Told Us

It’s always interesting to me when I pick up information that may reveal a bit of the future, especially in the SatCom space. Themes that we’ve talked about in the past include the ‘reutilization’ of SatCom, the demand for apps, and one of this year’s Satellite themes – the demand for satellite broadband as a mainstream solution.

After just one day at the IWCE (International Wireless Conference and Exposition), I’ve seen the evidence that the mainstream broadband theme is in fact true.  Two of us spoke to a few dozen people today and those in the market for SatCom overwhelmingly are looking at a data solution to run some aspect of their organization that previously was cellular or cable-based.  This is my impression – it is not very scientific data gathering, just an observation and it is really interesting to me.

But then again, it’s not, given the advances we’ve seen in satellite broadband; lower cost hardware (a robust terminal for $17,500), per megabyte rates at $1.00 and a variety of plans make satellite broadband accessible to a wider array of clients; even those that typically have financial constraints placed on them.

Peter Drucker is famous for many things, among them saying, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  What we are seeing in the SatCom space is proof-positive of this.  You can chalk it up to ‘build it and they will come’, but I’ve seen a lot of seemingly great ideas that went nowhere.  Teledesic anyone?

Satellite broadband as a primary connectivity solution is here to stay and only going to bet better.

Thanks for reading.