Nothing Says I love You Like a BGAN

This was actually my wife’s idea; the perfect gift for the holidays.  I came up with the headline and I promise to tie it all together by the end of the blog…..

As we head into the heart of the silly season, the shopping frenzy is only intensifying as I witnessed the other day at a mall where I was actually hitting a grocery store.  Cars lined up to get in, people everywhere, probably looking for that perfect gift.  And that brings us to this week’s entry.

What makes the perfect gift?  Is it something the recipient needs?  Wants?  Something important to their life?  Or just a really cool toy?  I think the perfect gift is one that is unexpected, yet brings as much joy to the giver and the receiver.  That perfect ______.  What is the perfect gift for you?

If you are an adventurer or know an adventurer, an Iridium phone or SPoT personal messenger really IS the perfect gift.  Some cool tech that keeps them connected when they blaze that trail across the mountain of the ocean.  SatCom for Christmas is a gift that means you really do care; for their safety, for their communications, for their fun.

At GlobaFone, we have all kinds of perfect gifts – handheld phones, tracking devices and as the title suggests, BGANs.  Call us today and let’s see what we can suggest for you.

Happy Holidays!