“There is no such thing as luck”

Star Wars fans know this quote.

Non Star Wars fans: Obi-Wan Kenobi says this to Hans Solo after Luke uses his light saber to block the sparring orb’s shots while wearing a helmet with the blast shield down. The quote is actually prefaced with, ‘In my experience…’ That adds a different dimension. There may be luck, but in Obi-Wan’s experience there isn’t.  

Contrast that idea with Samuel Goldwyn’s famous quote, ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get.” I don’t want to disagree with one of the most successful movie studio executives ever but, it is not luck, it is preparation, determination, perspiration, manifestation, serendipity, call it what you will. Or maybe we do agree.  All of those things are hard work.  But luck? Sorry, not for Obi-Wan, and not for me.

Was Malcolm Butler’s interception that sealed the Patriot’s Super Bowl win luck? Or was it preparation, training, reflexes, skill, ‘wanting it more’, as we used to say when I played? It was all of that and more. In an interview right after, Butler said he had a vision making that play, breaking on the ball and taking it away from the receiver. And guess what: He did. Is that luck? Some might even call it planning. Or grit. Or hustle.  Luck is for leprechauns. 

Much of this holds true for business continuity, disaster and emergency planning and response. Anyone who works in those arenas knows you don’t really get ‘lucky’. You plan, you prepare and you train, acquiring skill sets that you really never want to use. However when you do, you are ready! That is not luck; that is preparation. Which reminds me of this New England phrase:

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

You may not have heard this phrase but I assure you that if you are in the emergency preparedness/planning/response profession, you abide this phrase all the time. And SatCom is critical in helping you be effective, helping you provide excellent performance.

Satellite phones are a tool that you use when you need to, and having them available, ready to go, tested and staff trained is one of the best ways to be ‘lucky’ (according to Goldwyn). I would instead say that you are prepared, which is highly commendable and please invite everyone you meet in the industry to join you in this kind of preparation. Luck may not show up when crisis hits and you are called into action. Preparation and practice and panning will ALL show up. 

Obi-Wan would agree. Make sure you have a plan and that plan includes satellite phones.

Thanks for reading.