Mission Accomplished

A few years ago, Iridium Communications (IRDM) added their slogan ‘Iridium Everywhere’ to their marketing and messaging.  Last week it was announced that ‘Iridium Everywhere’ will indeed become reality.

The announcement of the joint venture between Iridium and the FAA (and NAV Canada, Harris and ITT Exelsis) – called Aerion, brings this simple phrase to reality.  The notion that Iridium will be building a system to track aircraft around the globe is astounding.  This truly means that Iridium will be everywhere –with both full global coverage AND on the thousands of commercial airliners across the planet.  It is great visionary thinking that results in these kinds of programs and we congratulate CEO Matt Desch and his team for this accomplishment.

Now, this week’s blog is interactive (figuratively speaking) so I’ll ask you to reflect:  What is YOUR Mission Accomplished?

What is your organization’s mission?  Is there one; and do you know what it is?  How does management live into this mission and set the wheels in motion, build the structure, keep the energy and momentum to accomplish that mission?  What is the ‘mission accomplished’ point?  How do you know it is ‘accomplished’?  I ask these questions so you can follow Iridium’s lead.

At East Coast Satellite Communications we have a mission: ‘We Help Heroes Save Lives’. Whether the solutions we provide are used by our men and women of the military, emergency responders, or business continuity planners (the Heroes), the notion that Satcom provided by East Coast Satellite Communications saves lives drives us onward.  We’ve received notes that said “Thank you – this phone saved my life’ and it has happened on more than one occasion.  So?  Mission Fulfilled for GlobaFone? Sure but this is an on-going process, not a one-time event.  We continue to push ahead with new solutions and services that fulfill that mission, exploring all that this innovative industry has to offer.  We may borrow a page or two from Iridium, as well as other sources to consider where we go and the process may involve re-defining, or re-focusing, although our underlying mission has remained the same for nearly 10 years since I first coined the mission phrase – ‘We Help Heroes Save Lives’.  It certainly garners further discussions when people ask ‘what do you do’?

So keep driving towards those mission accomplished moments, those achievements that define you, your work and your organization.  As Iridium has shown us, ‘Mission Accomplished’ is a great place to arrive.

Thanks for reading.