Lou Altman to Speak in London June 8-9 at the Train Communications Convention

This week will be full of adventure as East Coast Satellite Communications CEO Lou Altman heads to London, where he will be a key speaker at the Train Communication Systems 2011 Convention, at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in central London. Lou was invited to speak last year after attending the conference which is focused on the process of bringing broadband internet to rail service around the world.  Many rail systems are competing with the airlines and by offering internet and e-mail on board they will make rail travel more attractive then flying.

Among GlobaFone’s portfolio or service are various high-speed, large bandwidth solutions that can enable your global communications whether in the field, on the ocean, and, yes on the rails.  Part of Lou’s remarks will include a discussion of case-studies highlighting the strategies and protocols needed for successful broadband installations, including satellite communications. European and Canadian rail operators have already seen success with these installations, and Asia will soon also be involved with these service offerings.

If you are in London and can attend (nothing like short notice!) Lou will be at the conference both Wednesday, June 8 and Thursday June 9.  At 12:15 p.m., on Thursday he will be leading the panel discussion, “Future Forms of WiFi to Train Delivery including Future Satellite Delivery Services.”  If you are unable to attend the London event check back right here next week where we will review the conference highlights.