Lou Altman to Speak at the Disaster Management Summit

CEO to share knowledge and experience in the satellite communications segment with Houston conference attendees on August 19, 2010.

GlobaFone, a leading announced that CEO Lou Altman will speak at the in Houston, TX on August 19, 2010. “We look forward to Lou joining the Disaster Management Summit in Houston as a speaker,” said Ann Pham, Disaster Response Summit Director of Events. “We are very pleased that Lou will share his experience and core organizational information. Lou’s experience, knowledge and expertise in are all infinitely valuable to all attendees.”

supports a diverse client base by providing an impressive portfolio of global communications solutions with a particular emphasis in the satellite segment. “I’m looking forward to once again sharing the story,” said Lou Altman. He continued, “With new products, new launches and M&A activity, the industry is constantly changing, so there is always new information to deliver.”

During and after a disaster satellite communication are integral in helping any organization reach emergency professionals, employees, getting a company back up and running, along with many other pertinent issues. Satellite communications have proven to be the most reliable source of communication in any type of emergency situation.

The conference is being held at the Houstonian Hotel and Spa on August 19. Attendees include executives who play a key role in the safety and risk management of successful businesses or are responsible for tenants in a commercial building. Disasters strike any time and being prepared is the key factor whether an organization recovers successfully.

East Coast Satellite Communications offers five brands of satellite communications and VSAT service as well as cell phones that work around the globe.