Is the Hill Flattening or Are the Rocks Getting Smaller?

We’ve all heard the adage of ‘pushing the rock up the hill’ and in one of the Blade movies, Wesley Snipes’ character, after beating the bad guy, laments that there is always ‘some joker trying to ice skate uphill’.

Progress takes vision, time and work.  Think about the jumps between the written and printed word, the Bell telephone and cell phones, and the modern house and everything within it.  The technology required to move us along these curves was/is big stuff.

Given the developments of the past few weeks, I see the hill as flattening out – things seem to be coming easier and more rapidly:

Inmarsat (borrowing a page from Sony) is working on the product that will make BGAN obsolete, the way that BGAN made RBGAN obsolete.

Iridium is funded and has obtained a hosted payload client, an integral part of their funding strategy

Globalstar has launched six satellites and has announced new launch dates, moving towards restoring full service

There have been numerous other satellite-related stories that support the evolution of the industry.  There are hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of people working on specific pieces of solving these problems and making progress in dozens of specific areas – financing, research, design, construction, validation, distribution – all through the ecosystem.  

This industry is moving…….and fast.  I’m looking forward to Satellite 2011 to hear about a number of initiatives for the future.  There will be thousands of people pushing rocks and by working together the rocks seem smaller and the hill a little flatter.

Thanks for reading.