Iridium Monthly Rate Increase

For only the second time in almost eight years, Iridium has raised thier monthly subscription rate.  This is an important development for them because:

It demonstrates their dominance in the handheld satellite market
The rate is a small amount – just a few dollars per month per subscriber
But that small amount translates into almost $20,000,000.00 per year more revenue for Iridium

The rate increase should not be seen as a burden as much as just a cost of doing business.  Iridium provides a critical solution for people who have no other (low-cost) options.  Think about those who are in remote locations, those who come to our aid in times of disaster, those who are around the world in some very nasty places fighting so that we can remian here at home comfortable and free.

This rate increase is a small price to pay for such a great technology.  We look forward to Iridium’s NEXT constellation and all the functionality to be delivered.