Iridium 9505A end of life

Iridium  announced earlier this month that the 9505A handset has reached its end of life and will no longer be built.  This news has prompted people to either buy up all the handsets they can or change their purchase plans and move up to the new 9555 model.  There are couple of interesting points about the 9505A handset:
Iridium is still building the US-made for US Government use.  There is currently no US-built 9555
This means accessories such as spare batteries, spare chargers, phone cases, etc will still be available.

For people going into a panic; relax.  There is nothing ‘wrong’ with the 9505A handset; it is a very reliable, rugged phone that provides excellent service around the world (literally EVERYWHERE around the world).  You can buy the 9505A now and still have confidence that Iridium is supporting all the handsets out there – they all come with the 1 year warranty.

Just keep in mind that the end of life is a natural progression of the product cycle.  The 9555 is a very nice phone, 30% smaller, lighter, with more battery power and a color screen.