Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

In the movie ‘Heartbreak Ridge’ Clint Eastwood’s character Gunnery Sergeant Tom Highway espouses these words to describe how his Marines operate – Ooh-Rah! Simple words with a powerful message.

There are always several ways to look at a situation and once you change how you look at a situation, that situation will change. Case-in-point; Globalstar announced in Feb 2007 that the constellation had suffered radiation damage and would eventually stop connecting voice calls. A fatal blow? Some prophesized that Globalstar would be the first double casualty of the MSS sector.

Globalstar had other plans.

The SPoT Personal Satellite Messenger was born and not only did it create a new product segment, it won award after award. It has now has been named TIME Magazine’s list of top 100 greatest and most influential gadgets

. Globalstar has successfully launched the first six of 24 new satellites and expects full voice service reliability by December 2011. That’s quite a turnabout from those who would have suspected that Globalstar would fold. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

It is a simple shift of view. The Apollo 13 ground crew said, “What do we have on the ship that works?” Change how you look at something and what you’re looking will change. What did Globalstar have on the ‘ship’ that worked? Simplex data worked 100% and a new product was born. True innovative thinking at its best.