Hurricane Irene – Test Your Satellite Phones

As we connect the dots of tropical storms in the Caribbean, even the folks in the Northeast are finding  it essential to prep for a hurricane this week. As emergency responders gear up for potential power outages and incapacitated cellular and radio towers, their only solution becomes satellite phones for mass communication . Today alone we are hearing from utility companies, hospitals, restaurant chains, and airlines as they prep for being without power and the essential support networks to keep them in touch with rescue personnel in the upcoming days. We are inherently reminded of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and while there were satellite phones in place at the time, media coverage hints the personnel responsible for using them were not properly trained. Much has been learned over the years, and we are encouraging satellite phone users to test their phones ahead of the storm’s arrival. Be prepared!

Here is a summary of the test call numbers:

  • Iridium –  call 1234 (short code for 00-1-480-752-5105)  and press the green soft key. You will be directed t the Tempe Gateway and this is a free call.
  • Inmarsat – call 33# (short code for  1-301-838-7700)
  • Globalstar – intermittent service, still experiencing coverage gaps due to satellite degradation. Go to the call times tool at

If you are a East Coast Satellite Communications customer, or require satellite communication please contact our team at 1-800-826-6152.