Great Globalstar Expectations

“There are 813 things that have to go right; we’re on number 6”

This loose paraphrasing of Tom Hanks’ Jim Lovell in ‘Apollo 13’ seems to hold true for any massive project.

pending launch next Tuesday is but one step in their massive project of restoring . Lives may not be directly at stake as there were on Apollo 13, but there definitely is a sequence of ‘things’ and many, many, interested parties pulling together to make it all happen.

Among those ‘things’ – the specific events:
1. The payload of the first six satellites has been encapsulated in the protective payload fairing. This means they are one step closer to flying.
2. The October 19 launch date which is the first of four launches that will send the 24 second generation satellites into orbit. Launch time is 2: 10 PM Eastern Time, 11:10 AM Pacific time, at Globalstar’s headquarters.

These 24 satellites will join the eight satellites already flying and providing service.

There will be three other launches of six new satellites each, and then hours of maneuvering, testing, deploying and plenty of heartburn moments. However, in the end, as the 813 things go right, Globalstar will bring thier service back ion-line! We are most enthusiastic about Globalstar’s prospects to restore their service by the estimated June 30, 2011 date.

Restoring Globalstar’s mobile satellite voice and data services will be a great development for businesses, governments and consumers that rely on their satellite phones for emergency and non-emergency communications. And, it will take place just around the time that hurricane season gets started next year.

provides excellent service and very good coverage around the world. It is not completely global, yet it does cover close to 90% of the world’s population.

So we have great expectations that will fly again as the sequence of ‘things’ all come to fruition.

Thanks for reading.