I was recently in London for a partner conference with one of my Service Providers.  Economic issues aside, I did see some very interesting products and services, many of which will be bringing to you in the near future.  The first product in this ‘series’ is a great solution called Iconics.

Iconics is a device that enables different radio groups to talk to each other, across hundreds or thousands of miles.  The concept is quite simple: plug your terminal (or any broadband connection) into the Iconics device, plug that into your radio base station and you can now transmit local radio signals across the world.  Or you may just need to communicate across town, from one radio frequency to another—VHF to UHF.  The applications are limitless!  There are three ‘flavors’ of Iconics:

Smart Link  Plus –  this is the solution described above.

Link a local radio system to an incompatible system near or far

This solution enables a local system to manage call traffic from group to group.

Smart Link Server with Admin  –  This solution puts an administrator into the mix, someone who can control communications, create groups, and can actually talk from their computer to the group.  This is a great command and control solution.  Options include a hosted solution with an annual fee or buy the software package and self host.

Here are some other really nifty features of the Iconics system:

A)  Connects dispersed radio groups B)   Solves the interoperability issue

C)  Connects State and local authorities D)  Brings field communication to an administrative level

E)  Supports an unlimited number of groups F)  Gives full control of communication infrastructure and routing

Here’s the best part: Iconics is very affordable.

Starting at just $2590 Iconics offers a new dimension of communication and radio compatibility that rivals any other solution.  Imagine having the ability to link disparate groups (technologically or geographically) into one radio messaging group.  You’ll be able to disseminate messages to the entire group across town or across the planet.  Examples of who needs Iconics now include:

– Military   – Oil & Gas     – Shipping     – NGOs  

– Police, Fire, EMS  – Mining    – Warehouse Logistics     – News teams

– Emergency Responders   – Security services   – Fishing fleets   – Hospitals

 We see great promise for Iconics as an integral part of your communications solution and look forward to providing you with the information you need in order to upgrade and expand your current communications system.

 Please let us know how we can help you better understand Iconics so you can make an informed purchase decision.  Feel free to e-mail us or call us on 800-826-6152 for more information.  Thank you for your support!