Does Your SatCom Provider Earn Accolades?

My role in the SatCom industry is to raise the awareness and knowledge regarding satellite communications. I do this so people can make good buying decisions.  People want objective education and information, not sales pitches, so it is rare that I will write such a self-serving blog as I am today.  But here’s the thing: I received the following from a client and it speaks volumes for not only what we do at GlobaFone, but how ALL clients deserve to be treated.  One of our clients e-mailed this:

“Thanks for your help. The instructions were a big help. I did get all my ISAT phones updated to the new 5.3.0 version. It’s the people there that keep me recommending GlobaFone.”

‘It’s the people there that keep me recommending GlobaFone.’  I recognized long ago that we sell a commodity product – all phones are made in the same factory, offer the same basic service and work in all the same places.  So what makes the difference in this highly competitive business?   Well….price is one differentiator.   Google ‘satellite phone’ and you will see 20 companies with the best price.  So what?  Do their people keep clients recommending them?  Low price buys you no or low service. We receive dozens of calls a year with stories of ‘my provider won’t call me back or respond’.  Well, you get what you pay for.

Back to my self-serving point:  The statement ‘It’s the people that keep me recommending GlobaFone’, bring with it several important implications:

  • ‘The people’.  We provide such great service that the client is complimenting everyone at GlobaFone.  That is a great win.
  • ‘Keep me’.  This means the client has recommended us before and will continue to do so.  Unsolicited referrals.  Is there a better testament to how this client trusts us?
  • ‘Recommending,’  Wow, the client is so impressed that we are recommended, not just mentioned in passing.  You understand the difference right?  “Hey Joe I need satellite phones, who do you use?”  Joe says, “Call Acme.”  Compared to, “I recommend you call GlobaFone.’  That probably includes an additional comment lauding us.  And by golly, we deserve it. (Told you this was self serving).  So here is the point:

Think about your satellite phone provider (or a provider of any service).  Do they deserve your accolades?  Or are they just ‘okay’?  Do you continuously recommend them?  Or do you just share their name?  ‘This is our provider,’ vs. “I recommend these guys- they are great!”  A recent editorial in the Financial Times discussed the deterioration of customer loyalty programs because people just aren’t feeling the love.  Consider this: Are you a ‘customer’ or a ‘client’?  Customer denotes transaction, client denotes relationship, something more than just moving boxes.  Which do you want to be?

If you are not as happy with your satellite provider as our client is, I say it is time for you to review your situation.  If you’re not thrilled with them, why bother working with them?  Low price?  Is it worth it?

It’s up to you but I know where I stand. Accolades are earned with great work and great care.

Thanks for reading.