Busting Satellite Phone Myths

Mention the words and people freeze: they conjure images of black-suited government agents with ear pieces and suitcase devices that President uses. The reality is that have evolved to be highly portable, functional tools used by the military, commercial enterprises and recreational boaters, hiker and other outdoor enthusiasts.

My webinar two weeks ago busted the top myths about and in the next few weeks, I’ll post the myths one by one and provide the TRUTH about . This information will enable more people to understand why satellite phones are so useful and make them more comfortable integrating this into their businesses. Here is the first myth:

“Satellite Phones Do Not Work Indoors”

This one is actually kind of true – the satellite phone’s antenna needs to ‘see’ the satellite in order to work. However the notion that you can NEVER use a indoors is absurd. With the development of remote antennas, docking stations, fixed-site phones and a device called SatMAX; you can easily use your portable phones indoors and permanently install a satellite phone in your building, vehicle or vessel. There are solutions for almost every situation and any budget.

Yes, satellite phones CAN be used indoors – you just need the proper equipment.

If you want to learn more about satellite phones, go to and see the options available to you.