August 2008 – Now Revealed! The Hidden Costs of the Lowest-Priced Provider!

Go to and learn how buying from the lowest-cost provider wastes time and resources.

Everyone knows that ‘you get what you pay for’. However for some reason people continue to think the wisdom doesn’t really apply to them. I suspect because they confuse price with value.

Many people think buying from the lowest-cost provider, is the best strategy. It is one strategy, but the best strategy? I don’t know about that, however I do know this: Paying the lowest possible price will most likely frustrate you later on. Why do I say that? Because when you buy from the lowest-cost provider you get a in a box; unassembled, not tested, cleaned, labeled, packed nor charged. In short, you need to spend a lot of time and resources turning that ‘in a box into a fully functioning kit. Is that use of your time the best value?

Go to and learn, in detail (dollars and cents), the hidden cost of buying from the lowest cost provider—It’s over $200 per phone!

Compare this to having your phone arrive ready to use right out of the shipping box. We properly activate, test, charge, clean, label, remove the PIN code and package your phones so you can immediately begin learning how to use the phone and training your staff so they are ready to go!

The business all about providing solutions that give you the results you want. It is NOT about selling phones at the lowest possible price. There is no value in that and it will cost you.

Buy a from the low-cost provider and you get a phone in a box. Buy a kit and you are ready to go, the minute you receive it. Which solution works better for you when you disaster strikes?

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