A-B-C, Danielle, Earl, Fiona

To Arms! To Arms! The hurricanes are coming, the hurricanes are coming!

The media has started sending their reporters to locations along the east coast because Earl is threatening to make this Labor Day weekend one to remember. As if this is some big surprise. It is always interesting to me that until there is a marked threat from a hurricane, very few people pay any attention to hurricane preparedness (unless you are in the ‘business’).

Hurricane season started June 1 and there was a bit of media coverage. The renowned hurricane forecasters Klotzbach & Gray an above-average year so it is no surprise to me that Danielle just passed, Earl is on the way, Fiona is forming and there is yet another tropical depression coming off the coast of Africa.

Typically the bulk of hurricanes form in late August and September or…..NOW! The East Coast is under threat of Earl’s arrival, and while I’m excited for the fabulous coming my way, emergency managers are not. Hurricanes cause damage, severe damage as well as a myriad of other problems and these folks handle whatever situations occur, often sending people into harm’s way to save others. It also becomes a busy time for as we support dozens in the emergency management and business continuity community.
While we’ve learned a great deal about in the past few years, most notably after Katrina, there still is much to learn. For example, many organizations that ought to have do not have them. And then they frequently call on us for help the day after the storm hits, when there is very little that can be done to help them. An ounce of prevention…….well, you know the rest. Why is communications, which is arguably the MOST important resource during and after a hurricane frequently addressed last? I’ve been working in this segment for 10 years and cannot understand why you wouldn’t cover your most critical people and facilities with , the proven communications solution.

So here’s the question for you: Are you prepared? Want to find out? Go to and download my free e-book ‘Preparing for Hurricane Season’ and see how prepared you really are. The e-book contains a fully comprehensive list of preparedness techniques for your family, business and property. It does not prevent damage – nobody can do that – but it can help you potentially minimize damage and the resulting problems.

A-B-C, Danielle, Earl, Fiona. Hurricanes are a fact of life, especially in the south and the east coast. Go to and download my e-book and be prepared. Here’s to storms 200 miles offshore and 15 foot waves!